So what is a condensing boiler anyway?

A condensing boiler means paying less money monthly for the same heating and hot water comfort. Read on to find out more.
By law in the UK any new boiler installed needs to be a condensing boiler.
Condensing boilers might look similar on the outside to the old boilers but they are very different. 1st and foremost there’s a new white pipe under the boiler which carries away the condense fluids. This will normally go to drain via the large 4 inch waste pipe that will run up the side of your property or terminate on a waste pipe inside the house. Say under the kitchen sink.
If you were to take off the front cover of your boiler (not advisable if you don’t have a Gas Safe Registered engineer close by) you would also notice vastly different innards to your old boiler. The old boiler when running will normally reach temperatures of 160 degrees Centigrade. A new condensing one will heat up between 60 –80 degrees. These lower temperatures mean that instead of the flue gases escaping pretty much unnoticed as in an old boiler you’ll see a thick white steam coming out instead. It might remind you of the old tank engines… or not. It also means that the heating may take a further 10 minutes or so to heat up your property but most people don’t notice this time lag at all.

A condensing boiler will use less gas to heat the same house to the same temperature. And that saves you money.

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