Why Are Smaller Businesses Better Than Corporate Ones?

So we all know the struggle of when we have a plumbing or heating dilemma whether to go with a small run business or a national corporate business. In my opinion i would always go for a smaller business as not only is it much more personal than a larger business and you feel you can relate.
Small businesses have many advantages over their larger competitors. Large companies often are slowed down by their size, making changes more difficult.
Small businesses can also be more innovative and try new things because they are not slowed by past experiences and accomplishments. The pace of a small company is often very fast, and this speed is frequently an advantage in getting new products or methods to their market.
Quick to Change
As the owner of a small business, I have the distinct advantage of changing my plan or tactics much faster than my larger competitors. I have the advantage of bringing my customers the best products on the market as soon as they are out.

Close to the Customer
Being close to the customer is important for me in my business, and as a small business i am able to be frequently much closer to the customer than a large one.

Lean Structure
A small business is, by nature, very lean. I have fewer employees than in a larger organization and alot fewer layers of management. With fewer employees, I have less need to lay off associates in hard times and can keep business operating more efficiently.

Customer focused
As a small business owner my main priority is making sure all work completed is to the highest standard and what you as the customer requires. With out doing this i would not have the business i have worked so hard for.

So as you can see choosing a smaller business like mine is alot more beneficial to you as the customer. Want to know more then do not hesitate to get in touch with myself

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