Magnetic Attraction

When installing a new boiler we at BeeXpress always include and install a magnetic filter at the same time.

It makes sense. The filter prevents magnetic and non magnetic debris from going into the boiler where it could corrode parts, block up pipes and scale up the heat exchanger. Although a Powerflush is done at the same time as the installation there will always be some debris left in the heating system and oxidisation will always occur over time inside the radiators. This causes rust to appear which just adds to the dirty sludge that is inside every heating system.


There are a number of magnetic filters on the market.

The best known is the Adey designed Magnaclean Professional 2. It’s the original filter and is very easy to fit. However in compact spaces or jobs with odd pipework it’s not the best on offer.

In these cases, we always use the Fernox Omega Filter. It has a fully brass body and can be installed any way needed so is ideal in every situation.


A magnetic filter can also be installed on old heating systems.

It makes even more sense to have a filter installed on an older boiler than on a new boiler. An old system will have a lot of sludge and debris in the radiators and pipework as well as inside the boiler. While it may still provide you with plenty of hot water and heating it will be costing you more every year to run. That’s because whenever debris is caught up inside the boiler it will need to work harder to heat up the same amount of water that it used to. By having a magnetic filter installed (and ideally doing a powerflush at the same time) you will be protecting the boiler from new debris which will reduce the cost of the gas bill every year.

When installing a filter on an older system we would need to drain the heating system as the filter is installed close to the boiler which is often on the ground floor. This type of job would most likely take around 2 hours to do and would be priced accordingly.


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How Do ‘A’ Rated Boilers Work?

Isnt it terrible that even when im on my hard earned bank hols im still working in another blog. Ho hum at least the weather is stunning though im still wearing long trousers cause if the wind. So whats a beach and a boiler got to do with each othe4? Well I think we’ll get to that later. An a rated boiler is obviously one that is also called a condensate boiler. By law you wont be able to buy a non condensate boiler any more in most situations. The most visual difference is that there will be a white plastic pipe coming out the bottom of the new boilers and not from the old ones. Inside there will be alot different though. The new boiler works at a lower temperatures which will mean that instead of it reaching around 300` it will be around 90`. The radiators and cylinder will take slightly longer to heat up but this will hardly be noticeable. You will notice the lower gas and electric bills though. With boiler now coming with 7 or even 10 year manufacturers warranties and cylinders with 25 year warranties the summer would be a great time to upgrade your heating system. Which takes me back to the beach. If your planning on taking a beach holiday here in sunny Blighty or somewhere more exotic like Spain, Israel or even the Maldives then you can get your system upgraded while your away.
We have over 40 reviews on and more on our website All our customers trust us and most to the point of giving us keys so we can get on with the job without needing to disturb them. Anyway I’m off back to my Crichton novel and slap on some more sunscreen.
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