Spring Has Sprung

I can’t believe it’s nearly the end of March! Spring has finally arrived which means warmer weather, clear skies and more sunshine.

There are so many things to look forward to for spring and summer, so why not plan ahead and start now.
If you have children, why not start planning some weekend trips or days out. They don’t have to be expensive, believe it or not, London has some very affordable and free things to do with your little ones or with anyone else you wish to spend time with. Have a look on some websites for some inspiration, or take a walk in your local park and spend some time there for a couple of hours. Enjoy the weather when you can.

Easter is coming up, which means a lot of chocolate and hyper children! If you’ve got some spare time, set up an Easter egg hunt in the garden, they’re so fun to watch and always tire everyone out.
We know that after winter, your garden becomes neglected and a bit run down, which means it may not be the right time for an Easter egg hunt or a picnic. But why not give the garden a clear up, water them fresh plants and get ahead of the game.

Over at BeeXpress, we specialise is plumbing and heating, providing a fast, reliable and affordable service to our local community. If you’re ready to get your garden in shape why not give us a call so we can help to install some garden taps for you or unblock any drains. We’ve all had to walk back and forth from the kitchen with a heavy watering can, so why not let us help make that job easier for you.

Give us a call on 020 8454 7376 if you want to know about any other services that we can offer. Or email us from the Contact page – https://www.beexpress.co.uk/contact/

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