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How Do ‘A’ Rated Boilers Work?

Isnt it terrible that even when im on my hard earned bank hols im still working in another blog. Ho hum at least the weather is stunning though im still wearing long trousers cause if the wind. So whats a beach and a boiler got to do with each othe4? Well I think we’ll get […]

Powerflush in Hendon, London

Hi, Ive not posted anything for a long time so I hope you’ve not been waiting with baited breath. Today though is the 2nd week of nice weather we’ve had so I’m turning my mind to helping people who have necessary but not essential works. By essential I mean that your boilers broken down, if […]

My Trusty Van Is Going and I feel Gereft

I have a companion and tomorrow shes leaving. Weve been together for 3 and half years. That’s 1277.5 days which is numerous hours minutes and uncountable hours. Three and a half years is enough time to get to know anyone especially when its every work day. All their secrets foibles. What makes them tick and […]

3.5 Common Heating Problems

Well winter has finally hit us. It really looked touch ago at the beginning of December but now we’re in the 1st few days of the new 2012 we’re finally feeling the cold bite and can hear the rain falling outside. Its lucky that our heating and hot water systems are working… Isn’t it? If […]

Unvented Systems 101:

Want a brand new and shiny system in your house? Well this is the one to go for. It’s very similar to a traditional vented system (please see my other blogs for more info) but there are no tanks in the loft thus saving space and runs off mains pressure therefore in theory giving you […]

So what is a condensing boiler anyway?

A condensing boiler means paying less money monthly for the same heating and hot water comfort. Read on to find out more. By law in the UK any new boiler installed needs to be a condensing boiler. Condensing boilers might look similar on the outside to the old boilers but they are very different. 1st […]

Finding a plumber in North London

Finding a plumber in Hendon, Golders Green, Finchley, Mill Hill, Edgware, Stanmore, anywhere in and around London. If you need a plumber in or around Hendon then contact BeeXpress the local plumbing and heating company. Now why would you just call us? Well you could go to a certain yellow publication and take a shot […]

BeeXpress Online

Welcome to my website, BeeXpress Plumbing and Heating Engineers. We are online and ready to showcase our business 🙂 The aim of this website is to mainly give our current customers and new an idea as to the kind of company we are and to let them have valuable information about us before they call. […]