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Planning for the New Year

Wow!! What an exciting year 2017 has been. Not only has BeeXpress been to more customers than ever before but we’ve also won Which? Trusted Trader of the Month award for August, taken on our new apprentice Tim and recieved our 100th Which? review. This last is very meaningful for us at BeeXpress as it […]

Magnetic Attraction

When installing a new boiler we at BeeXpress always include and install a magnetic filter at the same time. It makes sense. The filter prevents magnetic and non magnetic debris from going into the boiler where it could corrode parts, block up pipes and scale up the heat exchanger. Although a Powerflush is done at […]

A Solution to Low Water Pressure

If you live in London you’ve probable had a bit of a lacklustre performance when it comes to water pressure. The bath takes an age and a half to fill. The shower just isn’t satisfying and you seem to be spending too long getting the shampoo out of your hair. When you turn on the […]

Home Automation

It’s an exciting world we live in nowadays. With the advent of home automation it seems like we are living in the world of the future that all those books and films promised us when we were younger just without the flying cars.   The fact is that there is too much to cover that […]

Boiler Servicing

Yaaawn!! Everyone we speak to seems to know that they should have their boiler serviced but very few actually do it. Think of it as going to the dentist for a check up. You don’t really want to but you know your teeth will last longer if you do. The dentist will let you know […]

Our Guide To Purchasing A New Boiler

Of course it’s not as exciting as buying a new car or some clothes but parting with your money to buy a new boiler is one of the most important purchases you’ll make in your home. There’s more than just picking a boiler because it looks the best or it’s the cheapest, you need to […]

Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Plumber!

Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Plumber! We’ve all been in a situation where we need a plumber and fast! Whether it be a broken boiler, a leak or some other emergency situation, we’ve had to search as quickly as possible to find any available plumber – whether they be good or not! So we […]

Which? Trusted Traders

Which? Trusted Traders Not everyone can be a part of the Which? Trusted Traders, that’s why it makes us even more proud that we have been endorsed two consecutive years in a row! To give our clients (and potential new clients) an insight as to what we have had to go through in order to […]

3 Plumbing DIY’s You Should Never Try

We’ve all come across an issue with our plumbing or heating, whether it be the blocked drains or the broken down boiler, at some point we’ve tried to fix it ourselves (us included before we were qualified, of course). But there are some jobs that just shouldn’t be risked, there are people qualified in engineering […]

Carbon Monoxide

I think most of us homeowners are aware of what Carbon Monoxide is and how dangerous it is, but do you think about it on a regular basis? – Probably not! Carbon Monoxide is a poisonous substance that is produced by the incomplete burning of gas and liquid petroleum gas. It can occur when a […]