Boilers – How Efficient Is Mine?!

How do we know when we need to replace our boilers?

When is a boiler too old?

Keeping our homes warm is crucial. And with energy prices remaining high, it’s now more important than ever to think about the efficiency of your central heating boiler to ensure you’re not paying more than you have to on your energy bills.

If you heat your home with a boiler and radiators, it is likely that roughly two-thirds of your total home energy expenditure goes on the fuel used to run your central heating. The proportion of energy existing in the fuel that is used to run the boiler establishes the efficiency of the boiler. To put it another way, the higher your boiler’s efficiency, the less amount of fuel needed to create the same amount of heat in your home. Which means the less money wasted.

A step-change in boiler efficiency took place back in the 1980s, when ‘condensing’ boilers were first introduced to the market. A high efficiency condensing boiler is widely regarded as a good choice if you’re looking for an environmentally friendly and more efficient boiler, as they are able to make better use of the heat they generate from burning fuels. With a heat only boiler, some heat is wasted with hot gases released from the flue.

However, a condensing boiler captures some of the heat from these waste gases and uses it to heat water returning from your central heating system. As a result, it requires less heat from the burner and is consequently much more efficient.

As boilers age – particularly those that are not well maintained – they become less efficient. This combination of age and old technology means that an older boiler is likely to have significantly higher annual running costs, compared with a modern replacement – as much as £300 per year in a typical semi-detached home.

Not sure if your boiler needs replacing?

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The all New Blue Water Conditioner

We all hate the feeling of making a cup of tea in the morning at it being ruined by little white bits coming out the kettle, as we all know this is LIMESCALE and no matter how much we descale the kettle it always seems to come back! And, it comes back even worse than before. No matter how hard we try it doesn’t want to stay away!
Did you know that hard water scale is one of the largest causes of wasted energy in the world?
Do you know just how bad the limescale problem really is and how much it is costing us?

It is that big that it can cost a small house an extra £200 a year!!!

The formation of Limescale in water systems caused by hard water is one of the largest hidden on going costs to any domestic and commercial heating system, estimated to cost the UK industry in excess of ONE BILLION POUNDS per year.

As limescale builds up on the heat exchanger, your boiler has to work harder to heat the water in your home. Working harder will cut short the lifespan of your boiler and on average will cost you around £1,000 to replace, not to mention the inconvenience of possible breakdowns during the coldest months.

Now there is a way we can stop it affecting us without being a massive pain and stress to ourselves. When limescale is removed from our water supply, households have been able to use 50% less detergent and the water temperature for washing clothes can be reduced from 40 °C to 15 – 20 °C.

The Blue Water Conditioner is proven to effectively reduce not only limescale build up but the money we spend on our water bills each year, so much so that in a few years the conditioner would have paid for itself.
Not only does this simply fit on to your pipe but it is tiny and doesn’t take me very long to fit.
If that isn’t enough to convince you here are the benefits of our Blue Water Conditioners

• 10 Year manufacturers guarantee and it has an expected life span of 15+ years
• 1-month money back ‘tea taste’ guarantee (money back no matter what the excuse)
• It actually reduces existing limescale blocking your appliance.
• Completely chemically free, no electricity and no salt.
• Easy installation and takes up no space!

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Want to save money on Water Bills?

Well this is a silly question don’t we all and I bet we’ve all tried everything we can think of until we are blue in the face to do so, from letting the dishes pile up to do it all In one go to limiting shower times. I don’t know about you but they are definitely things I’ve tried, however they never seem to work.

Well now there is a way in which we can do it!

A product called a Blue Water Conditioner

To put it in laments terms for us all to understand it’s a device that a plumber fits in your boiler and it softens the water, reduces lime scale all causing less water used which means more money in our back pockets.
So I bet your asking yourself what’s the point, because I definitely did so here’s a few advantages that will make you as happy as me;
· they can extend the life of your water-using appliances, your plumbing and even your clothes

· no servicing required like salt using water filters

· Chemical free

· No electricity required

· Protects your water-using appliances.

· No more “spotting” on glasses, dishes, shower screens, etc.

· No maintenance required.

· Protects the environment

SO as you can see for yourself plenty of money to be left in your pockets than anybody elses! So for a FREE consultation don’t hesitate to get in contact with me

How to Stop Your Boiler From Trying To Kill You??

Seems like a stupid question I know, like as if a boiler could actually kill you right?
Wrong, the boiler itself might not be the cause of killing you or someone you love but carbon monoxide released from the boiler could be.

Did you know that central heating boilers – are the most common sources of carbon monoxide?

So what is carbon Monoxide?
Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that has no smell or taste. Breathing it in can make you unwell, and it can and will kill you. Carbon monoxide (CO) is sometimes referred to as the “silent killer”. Every year in the UK, over 200 people go to hospital with suspected carbon monoxide poisoning, which leads to around 40 deaths.

From July 1st 2012 to June 30th 2013, two British people died and 62 were injured as a result of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning associated with liquid petroleum gas and natural gas in the home.

Of the first of the fatalities it related to a floor standing boiler with ad open flue that hadn’t seen a service for a number of years.

So how can you stop this from happening?
It’s simple really…. Ask yourself these questions…..
How old is your boiler?
When was the last time it was serviced?
Do you have a carbon monoxide detector in your house?
Would you be able to know when you have a leak?

If you don’t know the answer to any on these questions then its better to be safe than sorry by booking your boiler in for a service with us and receiving a half price carbon monoxide alarm, it doesn’t take long and could make you a hero 😉