What are the Main Benefits of moving to an A-Rated boiler?

With money being as tight as it is, it is likely that you are just 1 of the many people in the UK who are looking at their outgoings with a view to making some cutbacks.

With the price of fuels such as gas, oil and electric going up (with no signs of stopping over the next few years), identifying ways to reduce the amount you spend on your heating costs can go a long way to making a significant impact on your monthly costs.

Fortunately the technology involved in the development of the modern boiler has jumped on leaps & bounds in recent years, with the main reason for this being the massive improvement in condensing technology.

Most modern boilers are condensing boilers. In laymen’s terms this means that they are able to utilise a lot more of the heat energy that they produce.

Boilers burn fuel when generating heat energy and a series of waste gases are produced as part of this process. These waste gases need to be removed from the property as it can be a serious health risk if they are allowed to build up with the property.

The way this is done is by fitting the boiler with a flue which acts very much like a chimney, allowing the waste gases to be released from the property. Unfortunately with non-condensing boilers, a substantial amount of useful heat energy is lost as part of this process.

Condensing boiler are designed to tackle this problem and tend to have longer heat exchangers that are able to catch more of the heat energy and pull it back for use within the central heating system. This makes the whole process a lot more efficient, enabling you as a homeowner to use a lot more of the heat energy that you have already paid out to generate.

As a result almost all modern combi boilers (for example) are A-rated condensing boilers, offering premium efficiency levels above 90%. This is fantastic news for all homeowners as it means their central heating systems are benefitting from a much more efficient fuel supply, meaning the heating system needs to be utilised less, helping you to save a substantial amount of money.

In some cases moving from an inefficient G-rated boiler to a new condensing A-rated boiler has been known to save upwards of £310 a year – a fair bit of money that would certainly be welcome to pay off with other bills…or even the odd holiday!

If you haven’t yet made the move to an A-rated boiler there couldn’t be a better time to do so, with fantastic deals available from Gas Safe registered heating companies such as BeeXpress Plumbing and Heating. The sooner you make the change the sooner you can start planning how you are going to save all that money you are saving!

About the author: Tom Key works for Direct Heating Supplies, a leading heating & plumbing supplies retailer based in Sittingbourne, Kent.

How Do ‘A’ Rated Boilers Work?

Isnt it terrible that even when im on my hard earned bank hols im still working in another blog. Ho hum at least the weather is stunning though im still wearing long trousers cause if the wind. So whats a beach and a boiler got to do with each othe4? Well I think we’ll get to that later. An a rated boiler is obviously one that is also called a condensate boiler. By law you wont be able to buy a non condensate boiler any more in most situations. The most visual difference is that there will be a white plastic pipe coming out the bottom of the new boilers and not from the old ones. Inside there will be alot different though. The new boiler works at a lower temperatures which will mean that instead of it reaching around 300` it will be around 90`. The radiators and cylinder will take slightly longer to heat up but this will hardly be noticeable. You will notice the lower gas and electric bills though. With boiler now coming with 7 or even 10 year manufacturers warranties and cylinders with 25 year warranties the summer would be a great time to upgrade your heating system. Which takes me back to the beach. If your planning on taking a beach holiday here in sunny Blighty or somewhere more exotic like Spain, Israel or even the Maldives then you can get your system upgraded while your away.
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Powerflush in Hendon, London


Ive not posted anything for a long time so I hope you’ve not been waiting with baited breath.
Today though is the 2nd week of nice weather we’ve had so I’m turning my mind to helping people who have necessary but not essential works. By essential I mean that your boilers broken down, if this has happened call us ASAP but if you had that horrible catastrophe happen in December I hope you’ve been able to get over the trauma of 5 days or so that it would have taken for the new boiler to be installed. No, today I want to talk about that radiator in the spare room which was cold but you never bothered checking it out because you weren’t using it (or you wanted your guests to leave quickly). Or possibly you noticed that some of your radiators were hot at the top and cold at the bottom. Or that your boiler was making a loud noise.

If that’s the case then you probably need a powerflush. A Powerflush cleans the inside of the heating system. Its really great when we remove the magnets which are part of our kit and show our customers how much dirt we’ve removed from the radiators.

Most property’s take 1 day to do. We remove the heating pump, attach the powerflush machine, pour non acidic chemicals into it together with water and start pumping. We always have the boiler on as the heat really allows the chemicals to scrub hard and get the insides of your radiators really shiny.
Very rarely the aggressive nature of a powerflush can damage the system as it could find a weak spot say a rusty air vent or a seized valve. We would always advise our customers if this may happen.

Case in point. We were asked to repair a heating pipe with a pinhole leak and also quote for a powerflush. It was very obvious to us that if the pipework was already leaking we shouldn’t push our luck even after we’ve repaired it as there could be another pipe hidden in the loft or under the stairs which would pop with the pressure of the powerflushing machine. Instead we advised a chemical flush where we pour the chemicals into the system and then wait for 2 weeks or so to allow the chemicals to circulate after which we drain the system completely and refill it with clean water and more chemicals to prevent the water from getting dirty again.

If your interested in this Give us a call.