My Trusty Van Is Going and I feel Gereft

I have a companion and tomorrow shes leaving. Weve been together for 3 and half years. That’s 1277.5 days which is numerous hours minutes and uncountable hours. Three and a half years is enough time to get to know anyone especially when its every work day. All their secrets foibles. What makes them tick and what makes them go nuts.
I don’t think shes to happy that shes being replaced by a younger model either. But honestly this new one. Wow shes a looker! Shes got an amazing voice and im really excited to get to know her.
But there you go. If you buy a van when its 4 years old and then use it for another 3 and a half the new van will always be better. But im still mourning this loss.
So heres my goobye for the 1st van that BeeXpress ever owned. The 1st of many I hope.
Here is the last time my Transit will ever be posted online . Don’t worry though the new van will up soon in just a couple of days.