Planning for the New Year

Wow!! What an exciting year 2017 has been. Not only has BeeXpress been to more customers than ever before but we’ve also won Which? Trusted Trader of the Month award for August, taken on our new apprentice Tim and recieved our 100th Which? review.
This last is very meaningful for us at BeeXpress as it shows that our customers are satisfied with our service and that we are Honest, Professional and Reliable. And having 100 reviews rated 4.9 out of 5 give us an amazing feeling.











Winning Trader of the Month was a huge goal for 2017 as was hitting 100 reviews. For 2018 we have some further goals.
1. We are looking to expand BeeXpress so we can take on more work whether it’s a small Plumbing job or designing and installing a full heating system.
2. The really big goal is to win Which? Trusted Trader of the Year of 2018.

Obviously our goal every year is that our customers have a warm home and we are here when you have an emergency.

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Magnetic Attraction

When installing a new boiler we at BeeXpress always include and install a magnetic filter at the same time.

It makes sense. The filter prevents magnetic and non magnetic debris from going into the boiler where it could corrode parts, block up pipes and scale up the heat exchanger. Although a Powerflush is done at the same time as the installation there will always be some debris left in the heating system and oxidisation will always occur over time inside the radiators. This causes rust to appear which just adds to the dirty sludge that is inside every heating system.


There are a number of magnetic filters on the market.

The best known is the Adey designed Magnaclean Professional 2. It’s the original filter and is very easy to fit. However in compact spaces or jobs with odd pipework it’s not the best on offer.

In these cases, we always use the Fernox Omega Filter. It has a fully brass body and can be installed any way needed so is ideal in every situation.


A magnetic filter can also be installed on old heating systems.

It makes even more sense to have a filter installed on an older boiler than on a new boiler. An old system will have a lot of sludge and debris in the radiators and pipework as well as inside the boiler. While it may still provide you with plenty of hot water and heating it will be costing you more every year to run. That’s because whenever debris is caught up inside the boiler it will need to work harder to heat up the same amount of water that it used to. By having a magnetic filter installed (and ideally doing a powerflush at the same time) you will be protecting the boiler from new debris which will reduce the cost of the gas bill every year.

When installing a filter on an older system we would need to drain the heating system as the filter is installed close to the boiler which is often on the ground floor. This type of job would most likely take around 2 hours to do and would be priced accordingly.


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A Solution to Low Water Pressure

If you live in London you’ve probable had a bit of a lacklustre performance when it comes to water pressure. The bath takes an age and a half to fill. The shower just isn’t satisfying and you seem to be spending too long getting the shampoo out of your hair. When you turn on the shower you either get burnt or frozen.

More often than not, poor pressure is especially noticed when you have a combi at home. A combination boiler produces both heating and hot water. While the heating works on pressure, the hot water works on flow rate.

You can have good water pressure but low flow rate. This could be because of old lead pipework from the street or just bad flow rate in your area. Often you can install a new water mains. They are not necessarily expensive and can cost between £600 and £1000 although obviously these costs may not be correct for your house as it will depend on what extra works you will need done.

A lower cost alternative is to install a Mains pump. New types of mains pumps have come onto the market in the past year or 2. In the past without these units you would have needed a special permit and equipment to pump mains water into your house.

Today with the likes of the Salamander HomeBoost and the Grundfos Scala2 you can spend just £200 to £400 and that will get you a good boost to you water supply.

By UK law the booster pumps can only provide 12l of water/min and boost the water pressure to 1.5 bar. The pumps are quite compact and although slightly bulky if fitted on pipework which is not boxed in they can easily be hidden in a kitchen cupboard which is often under the boiler. This will boost the flow of water on the hot side but leave the cold mains water unpumped. By installing the pump closer to where the mains water enters your property you can then pump both hot and cold water.


If you would like more information on having better flow from your shower then give us a call on 020 89707489.


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Home Automation

It’s an exciting world we live in nowadays. With the advent of home automation it seems like we are living in the world of the future that all those books and films promised us when we were younger just without the flying cars.


The fact is that there is too much to cover that can’t be included in this blog but some of the exciting things we can do right now is turn on our lights, see who’s at our front door and talk to them even if we are on holiday somewhere hot and sunny (so not the UK 😉). We can turn on the burglar alarm, send movies from our phones to the TV and (yes, we’ve finally come to it!!) control our heating and hot water all from our smart phones!!

There is a plethora of choice out there which can be very confusing. In this article, we will just be focusing on 2 or 3 manufacturers. These are the ones that we , at BeeXpress, have worked with and know how to install and get working correctly.

The first thing you need to know is that this can be an expensive option to control your heating but may be cheaper than rerunning your central heating pipes to zone off different areas of your home.

With Apple Homekit or Samsung Smart Things it is easy to have one convenient place on your phone to control every single one of the appliances mentioned above

All these options are easy to install though any initial wiring in should be done by a Qualified Heating Company (*cough* us *cough*) or an electrician (contact us if you need a good one). When we say qualified we mean that not only is the company registered with their relevant bodies (such as Gas Safe Register or NICEIC) but have also done the manufacturers training as well. BeeXpress is a Honeywell Connected Specialist and have done the Nest training as well.

The Honeywell Evohome has to be the most controllable and efficient system to have. With Evohome you will need the central hub which is the Evohome base. From there you can add as much or as little to the system, as and when you want.

Just want to control your bedrooms but don’t want to spend money in the bathrooms or downstairs? No problem! By adding the relevant controls to those rooms, you can now turn off the heating to those rooms from your phone. Have underfloor heating and an unvented hot water cylinder? It can regulate and turn those on and off.

Its most powerful when you leave it alone. Evohome will work out how long it will take to heat each individual room so if the kitchen takes longer to heat up than the master bedroom and you want the temperature to be perfect by 6.30am just set what time you want the heating on. After a few weeks, it will have worked out that it takes 30 mins for the kitchen to heat up but the bedroom only takes 15 mins. The boiler will come on at 6am and JUST HEAT UP the kitchen for 15mins. Then at 6.15 the bedroom rad will open up and start to heat up. By 6.30 when your alarm goes off the 2 rooms are at the perfect temperature. And the guest room down the hall will be cool as the heating never came on there at all!

Another benefit over other smart controls is during the day having the boiler only heat the downstairs but during the evening the boiler will only heat the bedrooms.

Obviously having multiple wireless units around the house is not a cheap option although Honeywell have calculated that you can save around 40% of your annual gas bill!!

Honeywell also have a basic security that is easily added to the Evohome however it is really basic and you can get better results by adding another unit via Samsung Smart Things or IFTTT.


The one you’ve most likely heard of is Nest. It’s a very smart thermostat that learns from you. When you walk past it, it will know that you’re home and keep the heating on. It will also know if someone is at home by tracking you on the connected smoke and CO alarm as well as the cameras you can set up. The smoke and CO alarm just need to be screwed into position and the indoor cameras just need to be plugged in.


The last product we will discuss is the Tado.

Honestly, we don’t really like Tado. We’ve installed a few because you buy through a monthly subscription which can be useful for customers. However, the wall unit is odd to look at with no traditional touch screen. Nevertheless, it does have Geolocation as standard which Nest and Evohome don’t have out of the box. This means that it will know when you are 5 minutes away from the house (or wherever you set the boundary) and turn the heating on. Or alternatively you can just leave the house and when you are 5 miles away Tado will turn itself off. You can also install the radiator control heads similar to the Honeywell ones to individually control each room.


Here is a comparison table to make things a bit easier:

Honeywell Evohome Nest Tado
Controlled from phone Yes Yes Yes


Individually control rooms Yes No Yes
Controls hot water Yes Yes No
Geolocation No No Yes
Learning Thermostat Yes Yes No
Connects to cameras Yes Yes No
Underfloor heating support Yes No No


Of course, as we mentioned at the beginning there are tons of other thermostats out there but we at BeeXpress can only recommend what we’ve worked on before. We believe that the Honeywell Evohome and Nest are the 2 best, most sophisticated products out there.


If you want us to come round for a free quote or to talk further about anything please call us on 020 8970 7489.

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Boiler Servicing

Yaaawn!! Everyone we speak to seems to know that they should have their boiler serviced but very few actually do it.

Think of it as going to the dentist for a check up. You don’t really want to but you know your teeth will last longer if you do. The dentist will let you know what you’re doing right or wrong and might even find a hole that needs to be filled. If your very lucky they’ll even give you a sticker.

A boiler service is done once a year and is not a legal obligation. Make sure you don’t confuse it with the annual landlord’s gas certificate which IS a legal obligation if you are renting out a house, flat or spare room in your own house.

A boiler service is just a clever idea. During the service we, at BeeXpress, will do a gas test to make sure there are no gas leaks (most companies will not do this during a boiler service). You might think you would smell a gas leak but that’s not always true especially when the gas pipe is running around the outside of the house.

Then we will take the casing off the boiler and do a visual check of the inside of the boiler. We are looking for obvious signs of leaking or blackening of the inside of the boiler which could be a sign of something going wrong.

Older boilers will be opened up fully and the heat exchanger will be swept clear. Newer condensing boilers will have the manual checked as the heat exchanger only needs to be opened every few years. Valliant and Worcester Bosch boilers often need a new seal when doing the full service which puts up the cost of the work being done.

Once the boiler is back together it is turned on full and measurements are taken on how much gas is being used and how much CO is being produced. Then these measurements are checked against the manual. If they are not within the correct parameters then we will adjust it to the correct readings.

Once it’s all been checked and everything has been tidied up we will issue documentation that you will sign and will be emailed together with the invoice.


If you want a boiler service then just call us on 020 8970 7489.

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You can take this free Boiler Servicing check list that has been prepared by Which.

Boiler Servicing Checklist.pdf

Our Guide To Purchasing A New Boiler

Of course it’s not as exciting as buying a new car or some clothes but parting with your money to buy a new boiler is one of the most important purchases you’ll make in your home.

659514273_preview_16_The_Wasteland_Survival_GuideThere’s more than just picking a boiler because it looks the best or it’s the cheapest, you need to think about which one would be best for your home, how much will it cost to have it installed by a professional as well as the location it will be in.

We know how frustrating and complicated it can be but that’s why we’ve created this helpful guide.

What Boiler?

Well, pretty much all new or replacement boilers must be high efficiency condens
ing boilers that will help to reduce CO2 emissions by around 25% – not only do they help the environment, but they also save you around £300 a year.

Once you’ve chosen the boiler, you’ll have to determine which type of condensing boiler will best suit your home – Regular, System or Combi.


Don’t worry! – This is all determined by the type of house or flat you live in. For example, if you live in a large family house with no space restrictions, you’ll most likely benefit from a regular or system boiler. However if you live in a small flat then you will need a combi boiler, but this decision will be made by the professional installing your new boiler.

Calling the Professionals:

Before you go out and buy the first boiler you see,  or the first deal you find online, we recommend getting more than 1 quote, perhaps three or four but no less than two!5900978_orig

If you’re getting more than one quote it will give you a much better understanding of what prices are go
od and who may just be after your money. It will also allow you to compare the professionalism and knowledge of each company, helping you to decide who the best person for the job is.

Getting Yourself Prepared:

We recommend that you give yourself a bit of preparation for when the engineer arrives. And by prepare I mean, make sure you have some answers to the endless questions that we have to ask before the installation process starts.

A good engineer will ask you various important questions about your current system and your lifestyle in order to determine what is likely to be the best central heating system for
your home.

Here are a couple of things to think about:

Where are you going to put the boiler? Will you leave it where the previous one was or pick a better place, if you’re unsure then ask for some professional advice from the engineer as they will know what works and what doesn’t.

phill-page-installing-a-new-condensing-boilerWhat and when do you use? For example, how busy is your household? Will there be a time when two people need to shower at the same time and how well did your old appliance cope?

How much are you going to spend? You should know just how much you’re looking to spend and d
on’t be tricked into spending more than you’re comfortable with. Don’t be afraid to ask what finance deals may be on offer to you.

Make Sure You Ask Questions:

Getting a new boiler installed is a big and sometimes can be an expensive job to do so be sure to ask as many questions as you can while they are there.

Remember, if you were buying a new car you would want to know everything about it, so why just stick with any old boiler?

Here are a couple of questions I recommend to ask:

  • asdsafsafAre they Gas Safe Engineers?
  • Do they offer an after sales service?
  • Will they provide a full written quote that itemises all of the parts used and the work undertaken?
  • Do they offer any warranties?

Don’t be shy, engineers are used to people asking questions so ask away!

So that’s our quick how to guide on selecting the perfect boiler and engineer.

Of course, all of this is something we are capable of doing for you, and with our Which? Trusted Traders status, you know that we are 100% qualified and trustworthy to do the job.

Get in touch with us if you are looking for a new boiler –

Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Plumber!

Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Plumber!

We’ve all been in a situation where we need a plumber and fast! Whether it be a broken boiler, a leak or some other emergency situation, we’ve had to search as quickly as possible to find any available plumber – whether they be good or not!

So we have a couple of pointers to make sure that you pick the right plumber for you!

The biggest issue with picking a plumber is the price, we know everyone has their limits of what they want to pay, but if you want a job well done, don’t expect to get it done for cheap! Always have a couple of people on hand that you’ve researched and know that they are trustworthy (e.g. look for them on the Which? Trusted Trader website).

Leaving the problem whilst you search for an affordable plumber can make the issue even worse than it was to begin with! Even a dripping tap can point to a more serious cause, so leaving it until it literally can’t be ignored is one of the biggest plumbing sins!

The majority of qualified, safe plumbers will have a website with reviews or some other form of testimonials. If you are looking for a plumber who hasn’t got a single review anywhere and you can’t find any clear information on them or their business, then this is a red flag! There are thousands of plumbers and engineers that have quality reviews, (including us: both on our website and on the Which Trust Traders page!)

If you would like to read some of our reviews then please feel free:

Another thing that most people don’t think about are guarantees, any good plumbing company will back up their services, especially with a satisfaction guarantee, this just shows that they are confident with their services and gives you another reason to trust them.

So there you have it, a few tips from us to you to make sure you pick the right people for the right job!

If you have any questions, queries or would like to book a job for us to do, then give us a call on 020 8970 7489 or visiting our booking page: and Heating Services in London

Which? Trusted Traders

Which? Trusted Traders

Not everyone can be a part of the Which? Trusted Traders, that’s why it makes us even more proud that we have been endorsed two consecutive years in a row!

To give our clients (and potential new clients) an insight as to what we have had to go through in order to become a trusted trader, we’ve written this blog post explaining the steps that each business would have to take part in…

There are six steps:

  • Credit Check – A preliminary credit check to validate the financial health and stability of a sole trader or business. Each business would need to have good credit in order to pass the first step.
  • References – Customer reference checks are chosen at random by a member of the Which? Trusted traders endorsement team to ensure a breadth of consumers are consulted. This gives them the opportunity to find out who delivers excellent customer service and who is trustworthy.
  • Business Procedures – This is where a thorough examination of business and administrative procedures happen to make sure a business is running smoothly and safely for customers.
  • Interview and assessment – The business would then be visited in person by a member of the Which? Trusted Traders team to be assessed and interviewed.
  • Code of Conduct – The sole trader or business that is signing up to the scheme agrees to abide by the code of conduct and Which? Trusted Traders terms and conditions.
  • Endorsed trader – This is when the trader (business) can tell their customers that they have passed the assessment and are now an endorsed Which? Trusted Trader!

Which? Trusted Traders aren’t afraid to fail a business who do not make the grade – not everyone will get through to the assessment stage, only those who meet their high standards are credited with the Which? Trusted Traders status.

That’s how you know BeeXpress are a trustworthy, professional business that have fantastic customer service.

We are extremely proud that we have been trusted traders for two years running and are hoping that our hard work and credibility are recognised so that we can be nominated for a third time.

If you would like to read some of our reviews then please follow this link –

Now that you know we are a trust worthy company, if you would like any plumbing or heating issues resolved then please feel free to get in touch with us via our contact page –  or give us a call on 020 8454 7838  which

3 Plumbing DIY’s You Should Never Try

We’ve all come across an issue with our plumbing or heating, whether it be the blocked drains or the broken down boiler, at some point we’ve tried to fix it ourselves (us included before we were qualified, of course).
But there are some jobs that just shouldn’t be risked, there are people qualified in engineering for a reason, and that’s to make sure everything is done safely. That’s why I’ve come up with a short list of issues that you definitely shouldn’t try to fix yourself…
No Hot Water: Sometimes when your water is taking longer to heat up or doesn’t turn on at all, it’s as simple as re-lighting the pilot or turning up the heat. However if this doesn’t work then there is obviously something more complicated wrong with the boiler such as a build-up in the pipes, a leak or a broken heating element. This is the point where you should call a qualified plumber to investigate the problem and a gas leak can be extremely dangerous.
Major Plumbing Modifications: We understand that getting a plumbing change can be very expensive but it would cost much more if you were to incorrectly ‘fix’ the problem by yourself first. By calling a plumber (we recommend BeeXpress 😉 ), you’re ensuring that everything is fixed to the local codes standard.
Clogged Drains: There are so many different products available to pour down your sink in order to clear it. But the reality of it is, pouring these chemicals down your drain can actually make the matter worse. Your drain could get blocked because of the age of your house, hair falling down or if you’ve been pouring grease and other unwanted substances down. They need to be cleaned by a professional plumber to make sure there’s no damage from previous blockages that could cause a leak, which in the long run would cost more than getting them unblocked.
In all honestly, no plumbing job should be done by an unqualified individual. It’s risky and could end up costing you much more. If you’re interested in booking an appointment with BeeXpress then please give us a call on 020 8970 7489 or visit our contact page and fill out the form! –

Carbon Monoxide

I think most of us homeowners are aware of what Carbon Monoxide is and how dangerous it is, but do you think about it on a regular basis? – Probably not!
Carbon Monoxide is a poisonous substance that is produced by the incomplete burning of gas and liquid petroleum gas. It can occur when a gas appliance hasn’t been fitted correctly, repaired properly or maintained efficiently.
If you breathe this substance in, even in small doses, you could be at risk of getting carbon monoxide poisoning. CO gets into your bloodstream and prevents your red blood cells from carrying oxygen.

This is why BeeXpress are constantly recommending that you get your boiler serviced, so we can find any fault that could be a serious danger to your health.
Because carbon monoxide has no taste, smell or colour, we recommend that you get a CO Detector to put in home. However a CO Detector is definitely no substitute for booking a safety check and having your boiler and appliances serviced by a qualified engineer.
BeeXpress offer 50% off a CO Detector with every boiler service, so we have peace of mind that you’re safe and sound in your home and we’re doing our job properly.
If you’re worried about carbon monoxide or just want to be on the safe side then please feel free to get in touch with us, as we would be happy to help and book you in as soon as possible.
Give us a call on 020 8970 7498 or email us on our contact page –